Syngenta Submits New Insecticide SOVRENTA® to WHO VCP Pre-Qualification

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Syngenta, is pleased to announce the submission of its new insecticide, SOVRENTA®, to the World Health Organization (WHO) Vector Control Product Pre-Qualification program. This novel insecticide will be used as an indoor residual spray for the control of mosquitoes that transmit malaria, a disease affecting millions of people worldwide.

SOVRENTA® based on Syngenta’s cutting-edge PLINAZOLIN® technology, has shown long lasting residual efficacy against malaria vectors.  Based on a novel mode of action (IRAC Group 30), it enables malaria control programs to manage the development of insecticide resistance.  

The submission of SOVRENTA® to the WHO Pre-Qualification program is a key milestone for Syngenta as it seeks to make the insecticide available to people in malaria-endemic countries. The WHO Pre-Qualification program is a rigorous process that ensures the safety, efficacy, and quality of products used for the control of vector-borne diseases.

"Syngenta is proud to submit SOVRENTA® to the WHO Pre-Qualification program," said Andy Bywater, Global Head Marketing Vector Control at Syngenta. "We are committed to providing effective and sustainable solutions for the control of malaria, and SOVRENTA® is an important addition to our portfolio of vector control products”

Malaria continues to be a major public health issue, with over 200 million cases reported each year. Vector control remains a key strategy for reducing the transmission of the disease, and SOVRENTA® has the potential to play an important role in this effort. Syngenta is committed to working with partners to ensure that SOVRENTA® is deployed in a sustainable and effective manner, and to help advance the global goal of malaria elimination.

The submission of SOVRENTA® to the WHO Pre-Qualification program is a significant step towards making this innovation widely available to people in malaria-endemic settings. Syngenta looks forward to working with the WHO and other partners on this mission.