Actellic 300CS provides long-lasting control: now available in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is targeting several epidemic-prone districts within the country for focusing their malaria elimination efforts. To help achieve elimination, indoor residual spraying (IRS) is an essential tool because of its effectiveness for controlling vectors, which has led to decreased spread of the devastating disease.

Actellic®300CS insecticide from Syngenta is now registered in Ethiopia and has proven to be a promising tool for IRS efforts.

In recent efficacy trials, Actellic 300CS was applied to the top, middle and bottom sections of experimental huts on rough, smooth, dung and painted surfaces. Within the first six months of the trial, it led to the following average mortality rates on Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes:

  • Top: 99.6%
  • Middle: 99.6%
  • Bottom: 99.0%

During subsequent check-ins at seven, eight and nine months, Actellic 300CS showed average mortality rates of:

  • Top: 85.2%
  • Middle: 86.3%
  • Bottom: 85.2%

With an average mortality rate of 99% within the first six months and mortality rates exceeding 85% through the first nine months, Actellic 300CS has proven to be an excellent addition to ongoing IRS efforts in Ethiopia.

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