The residual efficacy of Actellic 300CS on metal surfaces


Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is a key practice for controlling mosquitoes to help slow the spread of malaria throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, it’s important that homes and surfaces are treated with an insecticide that not only offers an effective knockdown of mosquitoes, but also a long-lasting residual that can help keep vector mosquito populations under control.

In recent years, because of events like severe weather and refugee crises, more and more houses are being constructed from galvanized mild steel IBR/corrugated sheets. Such metal surfaces (and therefore the sprayed insecticides) are much more affected by the summer heat than other surfaces. While spraying has proven to be effective on surfaces such as mud, cement plaster and paint, its long-term residual effect on these surfaces is not well understood. That’s why Syngenta recently conducted trials testing the efficacy of Actellic® 300CS insecticide on these surfaces under field conditions.

  • M1-M6: Month 1 to 6
  • Poc C: Positive Control DDT

Promising results from Actellic 300CS

This study was conducted in the Ndumo and Magwangwa areas of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. When tested on these surfaces, Actellic 300CS showed quick knockdown when applied at the rate of 30ml/m2 (1 gr ai/m2; CFV).

  • 95% knockdown after 60min (month 1)
  • 100% mortality rate within 96 hours on month 6 (data not shown here).

According to criteria from the World Health Organization, Actellic 300CS works as an effective residual product on galvanized mild steel IBR/corrugated sheet surfaces for an IRS program for up to six months. This provides a promising outlook for the continued effectiveness of Actellic 300CS on these surfaces. Syngenta intends to continue these trials to further test the product efficacy with an additional evaluation at 12 months.

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Six Month Report on the Field Evaluation of Actellic 300CS, Rajendra Maharaj & Vishan Lakan, South African Medical Research Council, May 2021.

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